Collection: Kader Diaby

Born in 1991 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, Kader Diaby lives and works there today. Kader Diaby is an Ivorian photographer, art director and designer. After studying management control in Morocco, he developed his own brand of ready-to-wear clothing and practiced artistic photography while working as an auditor for a multinational company in Abidjan. In 2017, Kader Diaby followed a photography course with the Klaym organization, in collaboration with the Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland. He belongs to a generation of young photographers who have encountered the art of photography through social networks, notably instagram. An inspired and polymorphous creator, Kader Diaby shares his poetry and sensitivity both through fashion and his photographs. The question of the concordance between our intimate and collective identities inhabits his work and resonates more broadly with a redefinition of the plural ways of being African today, in order to move from a subjugated identity to a chosen identity. Kader Diaby’s photographs, like visual tales, tell us a story and thus manage to summon up all the subtleties of our lives, to go beyond stereotypes to reach the essence of our particularities as well as of what brings us together. Death in particular, the universal horizon of life, is an integral figure in some of her series, which she tints with her fantastic, fascinating and mysterious aura. Since 2019, the artist has been represented by the Number 8 gallery.