Collection: Aurélie Jocelyne Tiffy

Born in 1996, Aurélie Jocelyne Tiffy is a young photographer from Côte d'Ivoire. In 2015, she obtained a diploma in accounting, but her real passion was artistic photography and audiovisual production, she decided to switch gears and specialize in visual communication and post-production graphic design.  

In 2018, she had her first exhibition during the 13th Biennale of Dak'Art in Senegal, in Off with the African Federation of Photographic Art (FAAP). In 2019, she exhibits at the African Biennale of Photography / Bamako Encounters and in 2020 at the Donwahi Foundation. 

Aurélie uses black & white photography as a way to highlight the daily courage, determination, but also wealth, and difficulties of her countrymen.