Collection: Ali Fareed Greeff

Ali Fareed Greef is a photojournalist, and documentary photographer, living and working in Eldorado Park (Johannesburg, South Africa). His first name was derived from his mother’s maiden name while his middle name features the name of his father, and he is the last Greeff in his bloodline. 

His stories cover different aspects of community life from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Ali’s ancestry ranges from Javanese slaves to Indian merchants; his father, was a convert and the son of a pastor. With a strong tie to community, family, and the unseen bonds that bind us all, Greef’s brother became his brother two days prior to marrying his sister. His is a strong spiritual belief t dictates that “Heaven lies at the feet of my mother”. 

His mother’s feet have been blessed to have walked around the Kaaba and his maternal grandmother has completed all five pillars of Islam. When he lost his grandfather, Ali assumed the role of a godfather